Our Staff

Leadership Team
Headteacher: Mr Ben Nelson-Smith
Executive Head: Mrs Cristy Nelson
EYFS and KS1 Lead: Miss Nicky Postlethwaite
KS2 Lead: Mrs Lucy Jones


Teacher: Miss Chloe Dorrell
Year 1:
Teacher: Mrs Bev Jackson
Year 2:
Teacher: Miss Nicky Postlethwaite (EYFS & KS1 lead)
Year 3:
Teacher: Mrs Gail Blaker/Mrs Susan Cynk
Year 4:
Teacher: Mr Jacob Chisholm
Year 5:
Teacher: Mrs Lucy Jones (Key Stage 2 lead)
Year 6:
Teacher: Mr Paul Bagnall

Art Specialist Teacher: Mrs Lisa Richards

Teaching Assistants (TA)
Mrs Stephanie Jempson
Mrs Lynne Nand-Lal
Mrs Lisa Richards
Mrs Jo Costar
Mrs Mandy Barnett
Additional teaching assistants noted as below with (TA)

Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs Jenny Relland (TA)
Mrs Louise Dandy
Mrs Yvette Reiman (TA)
Mrs Tara Berlyn (TA)
Mrs Chantelle Gooding (TA)

Welfare and Pastoral Care
Mr Ben Nelson-Smith - Designated Child Protection Officer, Lead Pastoral Support
Mrs Nicky Postlethwaite -Special Educational Needs Leader, Deputy Designated Child Protection Officer
Mrs Jane Goble- Pastoral Support Worker (TA)

Office Team
Mrs Sarah Gage - School Administrator - Admissions and Attendance Officer
Mrs Michelle Liscombe & Mrs Tracey Young - School Receptionist/Administrator

Kitchen Team
Mr Paul Howard - School Kitchen Manager
Mrs Colleen Goldsmith
Miss Sue Ulmer
Mrs Wendy Wicks
Mrs Denise Randall
Miss Louise Dandy

Extended Schools (Breakfast/After School Club)
Mrs Jenny Relland - Supervisor
Mrs Tara Berlyn
Mrs Roxanne Sayles
Mrs Wendy Wicks

Cleaning Team